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Looking back: kea-pro has provided training, consulting, and competence development for user-centered innovation in content-related information technology since 2001, with a focus on new media, learning and training, and professional knowledge technology. kea-pro has developed high quality knowledge resources for user centred development, which were widely used in workshops and coaching, and are extensively documented. kea-pro has strong competence to design and manage tests and studies of customer and user needs, and user acceptance.

Changing requirements, technical innovation, and experience from research activities over a number of years have lead kea-pro to develop new competences and software resources for the field which we call eResearch: Sound and proven scientific methodology for online research on human behaviour, decision making, preferences, and economic decisons of individuals.

In future kea-pro will focus on the management of eResearch methods and tools in collaboration with capable partners. kea-pro will be responsible for all licensing and IPR management, and will direct the maintenance, further development, and operation of the background web services. In specific fields of application highly competent partners in their field will use the tools.

The resources on user research, user tests, and quality management in user interface development will be used by ACit GmbH to offer user research focusing on online methods and fields of application such as medical technology. ACit GmbH will collaborate with kea-pro in the further development of the resources, and will provide services and project support for clients.

A main area of application will be the use of the eResearch webservices of kea-pro in the field of business intelligence and Voice-Of-the-Customer applications. The rationale is the complementarity of the approaches based on text analytics and opinion mining, and the empirical instruments developed, tested, and maintained by kea-pro. To promote this approach together with competent partners will be the main activity pursed by kea-pro.

A separate line of activity will be the use of the kea-pro webservices and methods for empirical scientific research in such areas as decision making on environmental issues and individual decisions about common (public) goods and resource. The intention is to pursue this activity in a non-commercial environment, separate from business activities.


To discuss your needs and our services, please contact

  • for user-research emm [ at ] acit [ dot ] net
  • for Voice-Of-the-Customer applications, sentiment analysis, and business intelligence applications with eResearch methodology go to www [ dot ] inquit [ dot ] eu
  • for scientific eResearch applications and projects contact tb [ at ] keapro [ dot ] net
  • kea-pro GmbH - Tal - CH 6464 Spiringen - Switzerland

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